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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

See How She Dies by Lisa jackson

Everyone wants to be the lost little girl of Portland’s high society Danver’s family.  Women have tried for years to fit the mold.  Now Adria Nash wants to prove to herself whether she’s the missing London Danvers or the video her adoptive father left her meant nothing. 

Adria matches London and London’s dead mother’s looks, personality, and whatever else you can think of to be the missing heiress.  SEE HOW SHE DIES

It’s too bad that Zachary Danver’s has a hard time keeping his hands and mouth off Adria when she arrives from the Midwest to find the truth about her possible biological family.  Zach is a handsome black sheep of the family and has a different interest other than keeping the family fortune to himself to prove Adria is not the missing London.

See How She Dies is a re-edited version of Jackson’s 1994 release.  Most of the story is timeless except for the simple truth behind a DNA test.  Although, a murderer is loose in the story, so there’s still a mystery to be solved or avoided by the characters. 

The clan of Danvers siblings all have something to lose if Adria proves to be London, and the ending has a sweet twist.

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