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Friday, December 13, 2013

Lexi’s Bookmarks for MASQUE

When I started writing erotic romance, I decided I wanted to write something I knew, not something I would have to research. That was one of the reasons I chose Classic Literature to inspire me. I knew those stories like the back of my hand. What I didn’t realize was how much additional research I would have to do because I used classic stories, nor did I realize the wide variety of topics that would come into play.

After finishing a book, I like to review the bookmarks I have saved of the websites I used to do my research, and with MASQUE coming out in print in just a couple weeks, I decided to take another look at what I researched for it.

Since I used Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” for my inspiration, and since that was published in the mid 1800’s, I had to do some research on that time period, after all, I had 73 ghosts who supposedly died in 1861, so their clothing had to be appropriate. For that I tapped into sites like Women’s Clothing at 1860
Poe never said exactly where Prince Prospero’s Abbey was located, so I put it in Nova Scotia, a place I have been and absolutely love. However, I did not visit there in the mid 1800s, so I tapped into sites like The History of Nova Scotia 1860-1869
There were other historic facts I needed to know, such as what “magazines” might be in the library of the Abbey and what the police force was like when Synn was shot. For those facts, I found the Toronto Police Service site and Godey’s Lady’s Book
But I didn’t simply research historical facts. I also had to research contemporary ones because, after all, the story was set in present day, so that is when the Cape Breton site and Animal fact sheets, came in handy
Then there was the whole sexual experiences side to the story, and the research I had to do with those. Since each Pleasure Room is a different sexual experience, I had to be sure I knew the full story on each. For example, did you know that when two couples have sex in the same room with their own partners, it’s called a “soft swing”?  It is amazing how much information we can find on the world wide web these days and how incredibly helpful it can be. As a writer of erotic romances inspired by the classics, I for one, am grateful for it all.

Be sure to stop by in two weeks when I celebrate the print release of MASQUE. I will be giving away a signed copy of the book and other fun prizes. Hmm, there may even be a Venetian mask available, who knows ;-)

Always, Lexi

P.S. December 13th only - an ecopy of MASQUE is up for grabs on Lex Valentine’s site! So here’s a bookmark just for you :-) Good luck!

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