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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lie To Me by Tori St. Claire

The intense suspense and erotic nature of Tori St. Claire’s novel is a magnificently written tale of Sasha Zablosky’s and Alexei Nikaniva’s connection to human trafficking and the CIA’s covert operation to break it up deep in Russia’s political venue.

Everybody lies to everybody to attain their missions.  This includes the beautiful Sasha and gorgeous Alexei.  Matter of fact, Alexei is the one who trafficked Sasha as she was mistaken for another two years prior to the story. 
Lie to Me -- Tori. St. Claire
Alexei is supposed to be one of the good guys, but how can Sasha accept this when he’s the one who put her in jeopardy.  Can she believe he’s trying to save her now, or put her in the hands of another militant?

Lie To Me has a plot loaded with surprises and well developed characters.  If only I could’ve butted in and told Sasha and Alexei about the lies that slowed their escape tactics and love, they would’ve been happy a lot soonerJ  



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