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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Interview with Romantic Suspense Author Dawn Kunda


I hope you’ve all taken in the advice of the groundhog by now, whether he told you what you want to hear or not in your part of the country.  My local groundhog wants to sleep longer.

Now it’s time for reading info, and I hope it’ll put a smile on your face.

Warning:  Any anxiety or fear created from reading Inked by Dawn Kunda is pure fiction.

Here are some favorite questions I get…

Did you always want to be a writer?

No, I wanted to be a brain surgeon, a financial planner, an attorney, and a bunch of other things.  Maybe I should’ve made up my mind sooner.  I did dabble in the legal system as a private investigator and many law school classes. 

How did you start, then?

I thought about it for about ten years, then decided it was time.  I sat down and wrote whatever came to mind.

I still do that, write whatever comes to mind.  I tell myself “You can always change it later.”

How do you keep the characters from all sounding the same?

Many times I pick a person I know, whether friend or acquaintance, and imagine what they’d do.  Eventually the character takes over and does the thinking for me.  Granted, I have to get them out of sticky situations that I hadn’t planned many times.

Inked (MF)Who’s your biggest supporter?

Many people support me, whether they realize it or not, but of course my husband is the best!  He encouraged me before I physically sat down and wrote, and he still likes to read my work.

What we’ve been waiting for…Your new release, INKED, now in ebook and scheduled for paperback in May.  Give us a clue!

Ah, yes, INKED (From the CIA #1) is hot off the press.  Here’s a little about the romantic suspense…

Guns and sex make Mary go round…

CIA agent Mary Reiss is teamed with the agent of her nightmares, Cal Guevin.  He nearly got her killed and now they’re teamed to infiltrate Egyptian terrorists.  The imminent danger reignites their fiery past, yet mistrust and a deadly enemy block their advances.

What’s the “bonus” for readers who purchase INKED?

This is very exciting for me and many others.  I will be donating a portion of my royalties from the first quarter of 2014 to the American Cancer Society!

May romance and cancer patients both have a happily-ever-afterJ

Thanks for finding me on HEAT, and happy reading to everyone!  Leave me a comment and a random participant will receive a free ecopy of INKED!

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  1. Nice your husband supports you

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  2. Hi bn100,
    A supportive husband is definitely a plus as I know there are many out there!

  3. Can't wait to read Inked!

  4. Thanks, Marie, I hope you enjoy it!