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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Low Pressure by Sandra Brown


When an eighteen-year-old messed-up murder case is depicted as a fiction novel, of course the nerves of those involved are rattled.  The family, the police and the investigators, and the suspects all have a bone to pick with Bellamy Lyston, the little rich-bitch author and sister of the dead.

Bellamy uses a pen name, but is soon uncovered.  She leaves New York and returns to her hometown, Austin, mainly to make amends with Dent Carter, a former suspect.

He’s not happy to see her, even if his Levi’s rise when she wants him to help her find out who really killed her sister, Susan.  

The mysterious element common in Brown’s novels is that the criminal is hard to find among all the players.  Low Pressure | [Sandra Brown]

With only circumstantial evidence, the paperwork neatly disposed of, the family, the attorney, the detectives, and the local low-life all had a chance, motive, and desire to put Susan underground.  Anyone who might be able to ferret out the real murderer will be on the criminal’s hit list.

In other words, Bellamy, Dent, and anyone else in the way have a dagger pointed at their vitals. 

Constant tension will leave you shocked at the outcome of the investigation and whether Bellamy and Dent can secure a future together.  It makes me tingle at how it’s all wrapped up.


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