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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Mercy Seller by Brenda Rickman Vantrease

In the fifteenth century Europe, freedoms were not as liberal as in many countries today.  Heresy was high on England’s King’s list to be done away with.

Do not believe what the King considers wrong, do not write the Bible in any language other than Latin, and do not counter the word of the Church. 

Anna Bookman writes in multiple languages and can’t ignore what the English translation of the Bible tells her.  Her manuscripts will hang her if found out.  She lives in Prague with her grandfather until he dies, and then she is directed to find help in England.  The Mercy Seller: A Novel

At the same time, a priest, Brother Gabriel, encounters her under a tip of heresy.  He disguises his identity and against church rules, has incredibly lustful feelings for the maiden. 

Both hidden behind false agendas, their paths take many wrong turns.  Danger and enemies multiply for each until they are forced together and their true works and goals revealed.

The historical detail of the fifteenth century and the range of characters give a heart-pounding and fearsome reality to the challenges Anna and Gabriel must overcome in order to be true to themselves and their love for each other.

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