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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Interview with Tina Donahue and a Giveaway

Alexis: Today we have Erotic Romance author Tina Donahue  who is giving away a choice of one of thirteen books to a lucky commenter! Whoohoo!

So Tina, when did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Tina: Forever? LOL. I started writing when I was a kid. At eight or nine, can’t recall which, I wrote my first book and illustrated it (I’m an artist too). After making numerous copies by hand  (we didn’t have a copier, but that didn’t daunt me), I went around the neighborhood and sold my books to my friends’ parents. I consider that my first book tour. J I barely got through high school and college because I was always writing poetry and stories during the boring lectures.

Alexis: Wow, you did start young! What made you choose this title for this release?

Tina: SevenSensuous Days is the amount of time that Tessa, an escort, is supposed to be with Logan, a billionaire client of the agency. He wins her at an erotic auction and the rest is, well, history.

Alexis: I love the concept. Which authors inspire(d) you?

Tina: There are too many to count. I was reading Dickens in the fourth grade. I loved his work. The summer before my freshman year in high school, I got a reading list from the school (all girls – ugh). I learned later that I was the only one in the entire class who’d read everything on the list. Mostly classics. I didn’t mind. I loved the Bronte sisters.

Contemporarily, I’d have to say that the authors who inspired me the most were Stephen King (earlier works), Dean Koontz, Margaret Atwood, Hilma Wolitzer (you have to read Hearts, simply exceptional), Lawrence Sanders, Daphne du Maurier, Patricia Grasso (adored Seducing the Prince), and a whole host of others. As you can see, my tastes are all over the place.

Alexis: Everyone has their own writing process…how they come up with ideas, how they name their characters, how they choose the setting. Can you describe your writing process?

Tina: It begins with me seeing scenes in my mind, sort of like a film. As I watch the characters interacting, I start to think of occupations for them, which then leads me to the setting. I use a Name the Baby book to find appropriate names to match their personalities. One thing builds on the other until I have a fleshed out story.

Alexis: So what are you working on now?

Tina: A new series. Erotic romance, of course. That’s all I’m giving away for now :-)

Alexis: Aw, what a tease :-) Why did you choose this sub-genre of romance?

Tina: I actually began with romantic comedy. Comedy comes easily to me. I’m very irreverent. My editor, at the time, suggested I write erotic as it was selling very well. I did. Liked it and am continuing with it.

Alexis: Thank you, Tina, for visiting us here on Happily Ever After Thoughts. I am so buying this book!

Check out this blurb. Doesn’t it sound great?

Seven Sensuous Days blurb:

At an erotic auction, she’s his to bid on…to take…to command.

The night’s sultry, filled with carnal promise as Tessa participates in an agency event to raise money for charity. She’s chained and bared—as women were once displayed for a sultan’s harem—her sweet looks and full figure offered to the wealthy and powerful men.
Among them is Logan. To him, Tessa is so different from his late wife, the seemingly perfect female who cruelly stole his hope and future. Wanting only to forget and have a good time, he wins Tessa, demanding she be his in every way possible, engaging in all wanton acts, though not only for an evening…for seven sensuous days at his secluded Virginia estate.
A provocative proposal with such a dangerously virile man.
A week that changes everything, with Tessa’s exquisite vulnerability and Logan’s suddenly unquenchable desire more than either bargained for.

About Tina

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition (2011 and 2012). Take Me Away and Adored both won second place in the NEC RWA contest (different years). Tina is featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.

For more about Tina:

Alexis: Tina will choose one commenter at this site as her winner. Winner gets her choice of one of Tina’s award-winning, bestselling ebooks from this list:

1. Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
2. Deep, Dark, Delicious – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Holt Medallion Award of Merit
3. Lush Velvet Nights – EPIC 2011 Finalist; Golden Nib Award
4. In His Arms – SIX 5 Star Reviews; 4 Stars RT
5. Sensual Stranger – 2010 Book of the Year (erotic); 4 Stars RT
6. The Yearning – Top Ten Bestseller
7. Take Me Away – #1 Pick, Miz Love Loves Books
8. Unending Desire – Best Book Rating LASR
9. SiNN – Nominated for Book of the Week LASR
10. Sinfully Wicked – Magnificent – Romancing the Book
11.  Claiming Magique – Top Pick – NOR
12. Illicit Desire – Four Stars Romantic Times
13. Come Fill Me – Five Stars – Guilty Pleasures

Leave a comment for a chance to win!


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