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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anne Kemp Interview and Giveaway!

Alexis: Today we have contemporary romance author Anne Kemp who is giving away the first 3 books of the Abby George series to one lucky commenter! 

Welcome Anne. Everyone has their own writing process…how they come up with ideas, how they name their characters, how they choose the setting. Can you describe your writing process?

Anne: Usually I aim to write in the afternoon. I sit down and promise myself to work for at least one hour, but I always clear my schedule for up to five hours so I can get “lost” in the story. Ideas always hit me when I’m quiet – out for a walk, listening to music, staring out the window or in the shower. I have a list of working ideas and all of them have hit me at moments when I’ve been alone and just let my mind be open.

Alexis: What are you working on now?

Anne: I’m currently in final edits for the fourth book in the series I’m working on, The Abby George Series. It’s a Contemporary Romance about a woman in her mid-30s from LA who gets laid-off right after her fiancĂ© dumps her and she is offered the chance to take care of some family business in the Caribbean. She heads to the islands prepared to do her family duty, but when she arrives, she finds out the island, its inhabitants and her new responsibilities are much more than she had expected. Of course there’s a bit of a romance twist  – between a hunky and mysterious stranger from down the road and a hot architect 10 years her junior ;)

Alexis: Sounds hot in more ways than one ;-) Where did you get the idea for this story?

Anne: I was laid off in 2008 and ended up with the chance to live on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean for most of 2009. I began an online class through UCLA Extension for Fiction 1 and wrote my first chapter as part of that class. From there, I began writing to keep myself busy and because I had once told myself I would write a book “one day.” Lucky for me, one day had come, so I got off my butt and did it! So far, the three installments in the series have all hit the Top 100 on Amazon at some point over the last few years… and I couldn’t be prouder!

Alexis: That's fantastic! Does your pet help with your writing or distract?

Anne: A little of both :-) Having my pets with me in the office when I’m writing makes me really happy – either one of two cats are there for the petting or one of our two dogs curls up at my feet. There are times they get a little needy, but I usually take that as my cue to get up and get them outside for some play time.

Alexis: They are good about reminding us to stretch are legs, aren't they? What is your favorite treat? Why?

Anne: A freshly made margarita and my homemade guacamole - Hands down!! They remind me and my husband of SoCal, where I used to live before I moved to New Zealand, so we try not to indulge too often ;)

Alexis: Sounds like a perfect snack to me. Thank you Anne, for visiting us here on Happily Ever After Thoughts again. This series sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have a giveaway for our readers?

Anne: Since I’m in the throws of final edits on the next book in the Abby George Series, SUGAR CITY SECRETS, I wanted to offer something fun just for the Happily Ever After Thoughts readers - so I’m giving away ALL THREE installments of the Abby George Series so far! To enter, just leave a comment here sharing with me where YOUR ideal tropical getaway would be… any island, any where… and who you’d take! Good luck!!!

About Anne:
Anne Kemp is the author behind the Abby George Series. To date, the series consists of her debut mini-novella, All Fruits Ripe, a novel, Rum Punch Regrets, and novella, Gotta Go To Come Back. Soon to be released in early 2015 is the latest novel in the series: SUGAR CITY SECRETS.

Currently, Kemp resides in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband and their two dogs and two cats.

Connect with Anne at, on Facebook, Twitter, or on Instagram @MissAnneKemp. Stop by and say hi!!

Want to buy one of her books? You can find them on Amazon, Barnes& Noble, iTunes, and they’re available for Kobo!

Alexis: Don’t forget to leave a comment about your ideal tropical getaway spot and who you would take for a chance to win the first 3 books in this series!  Good luck :-)


  1. any beach; a friend

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. Thank you, I love finding new authors :)
    Now I can check in on you through facebook :)
    I would love to go to Mafia Island, Tanzania.
    I love the water so I would snorkel and learn to scuba dive.
    Plus walk around the wonderful island soaking up the local culture.

  3. I would love to go to a tropical island with the hubby

  4. Jennifer won the series! Congratulations :-)

  5. Thank you! Sorry for the delay in responding but its been a busy couple weeks with a sick toddler. My email address