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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Saturday Chores

If you’re a regular follower of my blog here on Happily Ever After Thoughts then you all know what a creature of habit and routine I am (really, it’s the only way to get everything done WITHOUT forgetting anything!). Saturdays, after a long week at the day job, are usually reserved for cleaning house (you know, dusting and such…although why I bother I don’t know…I live in Arizona…you dust and five minutes later, you have to dust again!) and doing laundry and I try to start as early in the morning as I can. Oh, there are a few Saturdays here and there where I’m out of the house first thing (and I love those Saturdays because I meet friends for breakfast) BUT the chores and the laundry always get done on Saturday (Sunday is reserved for other chores).
            However……this past Saturday, I…broke my routine (I know, you’re gasping right now, surprised and shocked!). Yup, stepped right out of that habit and didn’t clean the house (until Sunday….I did do laundry because, well….laundry waits for nothing).
            What did I do instead, you’re asking (still flabbergasted I could do such a thing)? I read. An entire book! Okay, so it was one of mine, but still….it had to be done. I hadn’t looked at it or touched it since the beginning of 2008 because that’s when it was first published but I’ve since had my rights returned to me so I read it again to get it ready to be released again.
            Two things occurred to me while I read Angel in the Moonlight for the first time in seven years: I still really liked the story and got caught up in it once again (like it was brand new and written by a stranger), but the most amazing thing (and yeah, this surprised me, but really, I’m such a sucker/sap for that happily ever after that I shouldn’t have been surprised)….I cried at the end. I KNOW! I cried….sniffles, tears and everything! It was not pretty!
            So if you want a chance to cry over a happily ever after like I did, Angel In the Moonlight will be available on Amazon soon (with a beautiful new cover).
            And now, back to my usual routine….

As always, happy reading!


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