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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cursed by Fire by Jacquelyn Frank

Never mess with magic because it may leave you to burn.  That’s my tag line for this fantastic paranormal/fantasy romance.

The immortal, Dethan, is cursed by the Gods to burn for life, yet never die.  He must’ve been some type of badass in his former day.

After burning for decades, a Goddess releases him under the condition to claim medieval cities for her.

He heals when he’s released from the fires, yet must return for a few hours daily.  On his travel away from the fires, he stumbles on a poorly run village with a beautiful maiden, Selinda. She will be the next ruler along with an awful choice of husbands made by her father.

Dethan decides he wants to conquer this village, although there are a lot of conflicts to overcome.  He must deface Selinda’s husband-to-be, beat an invading army, and then he finds himself in the biggest dilemma.

Dethan is in love with Selinda and she with him.  I didn’t give away anything important here because Dethan has promised to continue fighting for the Goddess who released him from the fires, so he doesn’t have the option to fall in love, make a family, and live happily ever after.

How hard can it be to alter the demands of a Goddess?  Dethan and Selinda will certainly try to find out.

A sexy, stimulating, and charged story I definitely recommend.

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