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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

North of the Tension Line by J.F. Riordan

Set in the beautiful Washington Island of Door County, Wisconsin amidst the flurries and cold of winter, Fiona Campbell decides her life needs a touch more excitement.  She attends this idea by buying a rundown yet historic home on Washington Island, through a bet with her BFF, Elisabeth.
North of the Tension Line                                       
Fiona, originally a city girl, needed more activities and a larger number of people to do them with.  She immediately questioned her decision to move further from people and the lights of civilization.  She even missed Coffee, the coffee house in Ephraim.  The owner, Roger, a recluse as much as he could be, even made moves on Elisabeth.  So what was wrong with an outgoing former city girl?  She had almost given up on the idea of a boyfriend until she acquainted herself with the island.

Fiona met a stodgy neighbor, had a blend of odd animals trespassing, learned of the island politics, and attempted to seduce a handsome man at a Chicago wedding.  Unrealized by herself, her heart had altered and the respite of a quiet island grew into a snug fit. 

She eventually learned that the island men needed more than a stare or simple hello in order to learn they also come in many sizes and one might fit just right.

North of the Tension Line relaxes the reader, letting them remember when things were simple, yet had just as much meaning in life as our hectic schedules today.  A great novel to curl up by the fireplace in the cold of winter, or put a pair of sandals on and sit in the sun for the southern readers!


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