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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Novellas, Novels & Box Sets

          I usually prefer long novels where I can really sink myself into the plot and subplot and watch the characters grow and change. I’ve been reading them for years (and writing them, too); however, I’ve been given the opportunity to read several novellas and I have to say, I’m hooked on those as well (what can I say? I’ve been a reader all my life starting with Little Golden books. I read the back of the cereal box and peruse the headlines on all those magazines at the checkout….can’t help myself….if it’s in print, I gotta read it). I still prefer the longer stories, but you know, I’m really liking the shorter reads, too.
          Especially on my Kindle, which I read while on the treadmill. Especially if the story is hot. And fast paced...because then I seem to walk just a little faster and get a better workout.
          I admire these authors who can pack a heck of a story in 50,000 words or 35,000 words or 25,000 without skimping on anything. Romance, character development, plot, hot sizzling sex….nothing is missing. Not a thing. It’s not always easy to do that…I can’t do it….I tend to get a bit wordy.
          I’m liking those Box Sets, too, whether they are novellas or full length novels. It’s a wonderful opportunity for readers—not only do you get a story from an author you know and love, you also have the chance to read a story from a new favorite author you haven’t yet met. I love this! I’m currently knee deep in the box set Lexi Post is part of (Cowboy 12 Pack) and it’s fabulous! Every author, some of whom are new to me, has something unique to offer. My biggest problem is which story to read next. It’s like winning the lottery (well, okay, not quite, but close enough for me).
As always, happy reading!

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