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Friday, July 17, 2015

Hi guys...see me waving!!!  Okay, I'm extremely late posting my blog and I'm in Vegas having a ball, so I'm going to do a hit and run by shamelessly promoting my latest project (again).  We are offering our Box Set: Pure Romance at only 99 cents!  This is a great opportunity to try out some new authors  So run, don't walk, to one of the following links to get your copy today.

Barnes & Noble:

Here are some blurbs to tell you what you can find in this boxed set and at the end I have posted an excerpt from my story, Loons of a Feather.  Enjoy!  And don't forget to get your needs new shoes.  LOL  Just sayin...

Blurbs for Romance Box Set

USA Today, bestselling, and award winning authors share their favorite romances in this boxed set that includes suspense, paranormal, science fiction, contemporary, and historical stories of pure romance.

aHunter4Rescue - Cynthia Clement

A unit of elite alien warriors, known as Hunters, crash lands on earth.  Fiona witnesses the collision and helps the wounded.  Their leader, Ardal, is torn between getting his men to safety and protecting Fiona, the woman he has bonded with.

Dreaming of Him - Wendy Ely

Loneliness has clouded Amber Addaire's life for a while. It's only when she starts dreaming of a familiar man that she begins to feel better. Trace is a spirit stuck on earth long enough to let his childhood friend know how much she meant to him before he died. He can only communicate with her through her dreams and hopes she will realize who he is soon.

Studs and Stilettos - Bev Pettersen

An aspiring actress struggles to prove her worth on a Kentucky movie set shadowed by the mysterious disappearance of a groom twenty years ago. However, her hopes for redemption are threatened by a sexy horse trainer…and a stone-cold killer.

Protecting Katie – H. D. Thomson

Morgan Stone will do anything to keep his daughter, Katie. But would he steal? Lie? Cheat? Most definitely. Caught in the middle of a battle between two men, Kristin doesn’t know whom to trust. She finds herself falling for Morgan, her fiancĂ©’s enemy. But when it comes to loving Kristen, will Morgan be willing to give up everything, even Katie?

More Than Cookies - Christine DePetrillo

Caterer Sage Stannard is sick of watching everyone else get served a happily ever after. When will it be her turn? Chainsaw artist Orion Finley is itching to carve a new life for himself with his daughter. How can he get custody back from his ruthless ex-wife? When Sage and Orion meet over a bloody couch, will they need more than cookies to sweeten each other and make their dreams come true?

Elusive Justice – K. T. Roberts

Book Two of the Gerard-Kensington Series. Two detectives, two cases…seemingly unrelated until a baffling discovery entwines them forever.

Poetic Justice - Alicia Rasley

A renegade rare-books dealer and an heiress embark on a sham betrothal for a lofty literary aim–to prove Shakespeare really was Shakespeare. It would be the greatest acquisition of his checkered career–a play in Shakespeare's own hand. But between John and his prize is an obsessed villain. The heiress can lead him to his goal, but only if he'll risk his life, his freedom, and his loner's heart.

The Mating Moon - Buffy Christopher

Ivy knows that as a female Were-tiger, finding a mate is supposed to be her top priority. But when you can't control your animal side why does that matter? Add being traumatized by a recent violent attack from her past she feels like she can't win! How can she control her tiger during the full moon when she’s more concerned about being killed?

Immortal Heat - Loni Lynne

Book One in The Guardians of Dacia Series. Some legends are better left to folklore. Marilyn Reddlin refuses to take heed of a stranger’s warnings to leave Romania. Draylon Conier must save her from herself and the legend before they both succumb to Immortal Heat.

Loons of a Feather - Kayce Lassiter

Book One in The Delta Jane Series. One woman, two men, an inept fairy godfather in pink cowboy boots, a redneck fairy godmother on a Harley with lips tattooed on her ass, and a love-match in the making. What the hell can go wrong with that?

EXCERPT FROM:  Loons of a Feather

Suddenly, there was a sound that started as a high-pitched squeal and escalated into a keening noise Shannon could feel through the fillings in her teeth.  She scrunched her shoulders and looked around to find the source of the horrible piercing scream.

“What the hell is that?”  Michael’s face was pinched as he reached to cover his ears.

Running toward the charred convertible was a tiny old woman with hair dye and tin foil strips in her hair.  With a towel draped around her shoulders and a plastic cape flapping in her wake, the woman looked like a caricature of some weird superhero making a break from the rest home.  A fireman tried to intercept her before she could reach the car and she bashed him with the huge silver patent leather purse she swung with her right hand.

“Lady, stop!”  The fireman was shouting orders.  “You can’t go over there.”

“The hell I can’t,” shrieked the old woman in a voice that made Shannon want to stab a fork in her ears, “that’s my car!”

The fireman had his hands full trying to restrain the little old woman.  She was small, but wiry…and pissed. 

Waving her arms in the air and screaming, she continued to swing her purse at the fireman as she dodged and feinted in an effort to get around him.  “Get out of my way, asshole!  My Pookie was in that car.  I have to save him.”

Shannon’s throat slammed shut.  “OhmiGod.  Someone was in the car.  OhmiGod.”

Just as she started to dart toward the woman, Michael lunged for her and wrapped his arms around her again.  “No, Shannon.  Stay here.  If there’s anyone in that car, the firemen will sort it out.  You’ll only make it worse.”

The panic seized Shannon completely.  “Michael, what if someone’s dead?  OhmiGod, I have to help!”  She struggled to get free of Michael’s embrace, but he had her arms pinned at her side and it was like being tied up with iron bands.  The harder she struggled, the tighter he held on.  Finally, when Michael lifted her off her feet, she quit struggling and collapsed with her head on his chest.

“OhmiGod, someone was in the car.” 

Michael didn’t say a word.  He just held her tight to his chest and watched the scene unfolding before them.

Firemen were suddenly on the run from everywhere.  They converged on all sides of the car as two deputies moved in to assist with restraining the old woman in the black plastic cape.  She screamed and continued to swing her purse like a limp baseball bat as she cursed at the men. 

“You stupid idiots!  Get out of my way or I’ll have my attorneys make sure you never work again.  Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?  I could buy your sorry asses with my pocket change.  Now get the hell out of my way!” 

Firemen ducked as the purse made another arc over their heads.  The men gave up trying to catch the woman and, instead, just formed a barrier between her and the car.

She lunged again and clobbered one of the deputies in the side of the head with her purse.  The momentum of the swinging purse pulled her off balance and caused her to stumble into the fireman, who took advantage of the opportunity to pin the woman’s free hand behind her while the unscathed officer hooked the weapon by one strap and pulled her other hand behind her.  A split second later, the huge silver purse fell to the ground with a loud thunk as the woman continued to struggle against the handcuffs that now encircled her wrists.

“You Damn Nazis!”  The old woman screamed.  The tin foil strips in her hair flopped and waved like TV antennas in a tornado as she squirmed and kicked at the men with her pointy-toed silver slippers.  “I’m gonna have your asses for dinner.  You just wait until I get hold of my lawyers.  You’re all going to regret the day you ever laid a hand on Harriet Baxter!”

“Holy shit.”  Michael’s chuckle rumbled through Shannon as he held her to his chest.  “That’s old lady Baxter.  Someone’s ass is fried.”

The name sounded familiar, but Shannon’s brain was so scrambled at the moment, she couldn’t place it.  “Who is she?”

Michael chuckled again.  “Only the biggest ball-buster in town.  Her dead husband used to own half the town.  He died and she sold off all his farm land, but kept the mansion and the IOU’s he held from every politician in Hawkins Flat and half of Phoenix.  Whoever caused that fire is in deep shit.”

At the reminder of the fire, Shannon shifted her attention back to the firemen surrounding the car as one of the men backed away from the car with something dangling from his gloved hand.  It was about the same size as the old woman’s purse and totally black.  Steam and smoke rose off of it as the black soupy liquid covering everything dripped from the bottom. 

Shannon stared.  “What is it?”  Her heart thrashed in her chest as her brain scrambled to make sense of the odd shape.  “Oh, God, it’s not a baby is it?” 

“No.  I don’t think it’s human.”  She could feel Michael’s heart pounding in his chest as it matched the beat of her own.  “I think it’s some kind of…small dog…or maybe a large cat.”

Relief turned Shannon’s limbs to jelly as her brain reminded her it was still a living being.  But it wasn’t human and that made her almost giddy.  “Oh, Thank God!  At least it’s not a baby.” 

Shannon was frozen in place, transfixed by the scene unfolding before her.  The fireman set the charred lump on the concrete and stepped back to get a good look.  The old woman in the handcuffs ceased to scream and curse at the officers as she stared at the blackened thing on the sidewalk as if she thought it might come back to life.  The charred lump smoked and oozed liquid like something out of a late night horror flick.  Michael’s heart continued to beat in time to hers.  The surreal silence was penetrated only by the sound of the fire retardant liquid dripping off the vehicles.

As Shannon stared at the burned statue, her brain finally registered a clear image of what it was.  A cat.  A very large cat.  Its eyes were open wide and its teeth were bared in a snarl.  It was crouched as if stalking something and one front foot was poised to rip it to shreds if caught.  Other than being covered in soot and goo, with badly singed hair, it looked oddly lifelike…as if it might snarl and leap away at any moment, eyes gleaming like some demon unleashed from the pits of hell.

“Oh, God.  How awful.  The poor thing must have suffered horribly.”  Shannon’s gut clenched as she thought about the poor cat’s final moments as it burned alive.  The pain was written all over its dead face.  It was her fault.  She killed this poor cat.  The tears welled up in her eyes and she couldn’t tear her eyes from the grizzly death mask.

The spell was broken when one of the firemen coughed and turned away from the grizzly scene, his shoulders shaking.  At first, Shannon thought he might be sobbing, but soon realized he was laughing. 

How dare he laugh! 

The other firemen also turned away and their body language telegraphed they, too, were struggling to control inappropriate laughter.

Shannon was horrified. 

How can they laugh at a time like this?  I murdered a cat and those heartless bastards are laughing.

Before she could open her mouth to scream at them for their calloused behavior, she heard Michael choke back laughter too.  Turning on him, the anger exploded in her gut as she punched him in the shoulder.

“What the hell are you laughing at?  The cat is dead.  That poor old woman lost what was probably her best friend and can’t you see how horribly he died?  Look at the expression on his face…the pain must have been excruciating.”

Michael sputtered in an effort to control his laughter.  “Uh…Shannon…I’d say that cat didn’t feel a thing.”  After a moment, he added, “Unless he was still live when she had his little feet nailed to the board.”

She stared at him, unclear what he meant, and still angry over his unfeeling remarks.  Then what he said partially registered. 

“What?  What are you talking about?”

“Look at it, Shannon.  It’s mounted on a board.  That’s the famous Pookie…the Maine Coon cat that’s in every photo old lady Baxter ever had taken.  Don’t you recognize who the old woman is now?”

Shannon stared at the burned cat and then back at the woman who had begun to fight and shout obscenities and threats again.

“OhmiGod.  Yes.  I know who you’re talking about now.”  She glanced back at the smoking cat.  “You mean that horrible thing is the gorgeous orange and white cat she always made such a big deal out of.  I thought it was dead.  Didn’t that cat die a couple of months ago?”

Michael nodded.  “Yes, and my guess is the old bat had it stuffed and mounted.”

“Eeeewwww.  Gross.”

“And kind of funny when you look at it now.” 

“And she’s carrying it around in her car?”

Another chuckled rumbled through Michael’s chest.  “What kind of nut stuffs a pet, anyway?”

“A rich one.”  Shannon suddenly realized how much trouble she was in.  Not only had she trashed half the town, but she’d fried a filthy rich woman’s stuffed pet cat…a filthy rich woman who was noted for being the biggest bitch in Hawkins Flat and had a dozen attorneys on retainer twenty-four-seven.  She was toasted—just as toasted as poor, stuffed Pookie.

That's my story, sooty and smoking, and I'm stickin' to it!  Hold on tight now 'cuz we're gonna go real, real fast.

Love ya,


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