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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wicked Promise by Kat Martin

Fortunately, a guardian does not have to be a relative.

1803 England can be a rough time to live.  Elizabeth Wolcott is without the guidance of her deceased parents and left to fend for herself against the evil, powerful Lord Bascomb.  Bascomb wants her as his wife at any cost.  And he’s not a nice man.fpo
Nicholas Warring, recently released from exile for murder, is known as the Wicked Earl.  He likes his women and can’t fathom loving one.  Nicholas is Elizabeth’s guardian and soon finds her dumped on his mansion’s porch.  She’s put in his hands to ward off Lord Bascomb and find her a suitable husband before Bascomb gets his claws on her.

It never fails that when society dictates a man and woman aren’t meant to fall in love, they do.  Elizabeth can’t keep her mind off Nicholas in all the wrong ways, and Nicholas is stunned at his own need and attraction to Elizabeth.

Nicholas has a lot of strikes against him, convicted of murder, Elizabeth’s guardian, and let’s not forget about his estranged wife.

It’s an amazing story of how the two deal with all that’s thrown their way and whether their love can be admitted and acted on in the age of arranged marriages.

Kat Martin shows her brilliant writing and how to step out of bounds when it comes to the love of your life. 

Make sure you put this on your to-read-list!

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