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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Show No Feaar by Marliss Melton

A dangerous mission set up with CIA agent Lucy Donovan and Navy SEAL James Atwater doesn’t even begin to describe the danger of life and love ahead of this team.

Lucy downplays a case of PTSD and is chosen to pretend a marriage in order to infiltrate a Columbian hostage situation.

Lucy’s new “husband” is James, now called Gus.  Product Details

Not a bad setup, except Lucy was saved from death merely ten months ago in neighboring Venezuela.  Gus has a personal vendetta to take care of in his position as a SEAL.  And let us not forget that Lucy and Gus had an intense relationship back-in-the-day. 

They are disguised as NATO and are met up with a team not exactly made of soldiers. 

I have to admire the strength and determination of the team to do whatever they can to bring back two American hostages in exchange for an untraveled road, physical illness and injury, and their own chance of being captured.

Melton’s background, accessibility to factual military procedure and language, and her extensive travels, bring an exotic atmosphere to her heart stomping romantic suspense.  An exciting book to read in bright sunlight (don’t need shadows to frighten you)!

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