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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time Flies

          So, it’s Monday morning (5:32 to be exact) and I should be working on Book Two of my current project but I have once again procrastinated. I normally find my topic and write my blog on Sundays (generally after I’ve completed my Sunday chores and gone grocery shopping…you know, that routine thing that I live by….but I digress).
I did not do that yesterday. I’ve been editing/making corrections on Book One (the one I just finished and recently received back from beta read) and also critiqued a partner’s work amid a bunch of other things (like time out for a much loved movie on one of the cable channels…..anyone remember The Big Chill? Loved the music in that…but once again, I digress) so….I am behind. And don’t have a topic. Fortunately for me, because I’m usually such an organized person, I have a list of topics I keep…random thoughts and ideas I jot down when they come to me for future reference. Like now. (I know you’re all surprised by this). 
Anyway, I’m in my computer folder, looking for a topic when I realize, I’ve been participating on Happily Ever After Thoughts since December 2010. For some reason, that just amazed me, although why it should amaze me, I don’t know. Maybe because time just flies, especially when you’re doing something that you love to do. One moment, you’re fourteen and scoping out your first romance and dreaming of that kiss (you know the one I’m talking about), the next, you’re a middle aged woman, not only scoping out your next romance, but writing them as well. And participating on blogs!
So yeah, time flies….and look at that….I’ve just finished this post!

As always, happy reading! 

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