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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Words and Music

So the other night, I was looking for something different to watch on television (at 8:30 – 9:00, I generally shut down my computer, take a shower and watch television to relax before I try to go to sleep--4:30am rolls around pretty fast), but I digress….
Anyway, I was flipping channels when I popped onto our local PBS station. It’s pledge week, which means they will air things that draw you in, like music (I love my local PBS station for all the music programs they show). Last Tuesday night was Burt Bacharach. They had clips of live television performances by Dionne Warwick singing some of those hits written by Mr. Bacharach: Do You Know the Way to San Jose? And I’ll Say A Little Prayer For You (didn’t you love it when Rupert Everett sang this to Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding? Sorry, I got side-tracked again). He wrote many more songs, including This Guy’s In Love With You (one of my personal favorites) and Close to You, sung wonderfully by The Carpenters.
Speaking of The Carpenters, PBS had a wonderful retrospective of them and their music. We lost a lovely person much, much too young when we lost Karen. She had an amazing voice.
I watched Josh Grobin, too (I love him! Especially when he sings in Italian or Spanish!). He did a duet with Kelly Clarkson and they sang All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera. Wow! Just Wow! Knocked my socks off and yes, I got a little verklempt as this is one of my favorite songs from Phantom.
What amazed me the most about all this music? I knew all the words to all the songs (some were songs from the 60s and 70s). I admit I sang along (the dog didn’t like that very much—I think I hurt her ears with my voice). Anyway, why do I find it amazing that I knew the words? Because there are days when I go from one room in my house to the other and have no idea why once I get there. Apparently, my long term memory is pretty good; my short term memory leaves something to be desired.

As always, happy reading (and listening!)

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