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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Craving Toxic by Ann Marie Graf


The first of a trilogy, this novella follows the pattern of Fifty Shades. 

Maggie White is a waitress in a London country club where she is targeted by the filthy-rich new owner.  All the waitresses, and any woman who spots him, wants to be on his radar. 

The funny thing is that Maggie does her best to avoid him.  She’s studying to be a fashion designer, and doesn’t have time for a dead-end relationship.  That’s how she’s sees it.

Mr. Casanova has other ideas and slowly gives her nudges to take a date. 

As I read the story, I felt like I repeated my dive into Fifty Shades of Gray.  I also was intrigued because the setting was London, but I didn’t find much in the story representative of the English.  Regardless, I couldn’t help but be curious as to the similarities and differences of the stories, so…I kept reading.
Graf also has many QR codes throughout the story.  Sorry, but I won't take my attention off the story to look at them.  I like to read without being bothered by technicalities.  If you're interested in the pictures, this story has them!

I’m sure you’ve all developed an opinion already, with my description, so I’ll point out the main difference was the heat level.  The story isn’t erotic, but is sexy, so take it from there, and I’d like to hear if anyone has read it or plans to!


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