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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Twice in One Week

         Hey, look at that….you get to hear from me twice in one week!
Today is Monday, Memorial Day and I have the day off (no dreaded day job for me today) so what am I doing with my time?
         I’m a little embarrassed to admit….a whole lot of nothing! There are so many things I should be doing, but it’s a National Holiday so I’m doing my part: remembering why we celebrate this day and just “holidaying”. Normally, over this long weekend, I make a big batch of spaghetti sauce, have a shred fest with old bill receipts, and clean out my closets. Only accomplished one of those things (the sauce).
My DH and I had plans to see a movie, but that didn’t happen (he’s off rescuing a friend who broke down on the highway) so I am home, just me and the dog, who would love it if I just continually threw the ball for her…but once you start, she doesn’t want you to quit and will throw the ball at you when you want to stop. What can I say? She knows what she wants.
The other thing I usually do over this long weekend? Write. And I should be doing that right now. Really. It’s the perfect day for it and I have nothing but time on my hands (Saturday and Sunday chores were completed over the weekend so I’d have the time to write today) so why aren’t I? Well….
My hero, like his brother in A Kiss in the Shadows, is the strong, silent type. What am I saying? He’s the epitome of it…and he’s just not in the mood to talk to me. Actually, he hasn’t wanted to talk to me since he convinced me it was time to tell his story. I must not have been fast enough for him because once I got the first couple chapters done, he went quiet. And he’s been quiet ever since.
So what’s an author to do when the hero just doesn’t want to open his mouth? Give him a heroine who talks…a lot. Her family talks a lot, too. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance…..which could be kinda fun! In fact, I think I have just the thing to make him open his mouth….

As always, happy reading!

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