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Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Release: When London Calls

Finally, the man readers have been waiting for is here. London is surrounded by mystery and allure. He's the boss everyone is afraid of . . . until Juniper is hired as his assistant. This is the final book of the Loved by Reese series. You don't want to miss it! London Calls

Jolted by a horrible work experience, Juniper looks forward to her new job at Reese Enterprises. However, she quickly finds her devilishly handsome new boss might possibly be the devil himself. Staff members refer to him as Ruthless Reese. Despite the combined stress of a new job and her father dropping in to take over her small apartment, Juniper forges ahead with her career, determined not to let London Reese break her.

London’s work is his world. He makes no apologies for that. His staff knows him as demanding, which makes keeping employees difficult. He senses his newest assistant, Juniper, won’t last a week. She’s colorful and sunny and everything he dislikes in an assistant. But she intrigues him enough that he must remind himself repeatedly about his strict no-dating policy.

As both Juniper and London face their own family’s disreputable pasts, London sees just how many layers his intriguing assistant has. But with secrets emerging, London flounders. To shed the past, he must make sacrifices. Juniper might be one of those.

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