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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

French Kiss For Hire by Nana Malone, Nikki Jefford, Amanda Lance...

So many authors tangled a great story together!
An American dream by French student and visa holder, Luc Du'mont, is on the edge of falling apart if he doesn't find a job in his field soon.  Just so happens he went to acting school, really likes it, but has a few months to make his dream come true.
Serena Dawson, beautiful and sweet sister of Luc's kind and forgiving roommate, is off limits by Luc's own rules.French Kiss for Hire: The Complete Season 1
That's until she pops over to the apartment.  Her sadness at always picking the boyfriend who doesn't appreciate her, needs another man's explanation.
Luc is available.
And what does this have to do with a French kiss?  Everything.
"Somehow" the word gets around that Luc has the best kiss around, and women offer to pay for it.  Could this extra cash pay Luc's way until work appears?  Maybe the originator of the rumor will want him as her own.  Maybe there's a way for a love to flourish, Luc to stay in America, and a sad and beautiful woman to become happily in the middle of it all.
Let's hope for all of these in what seems like an impossible situation.

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