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Monday, October 7, 2019

Veronica Reviews: HIGHLAND JEWEL by May McGoldrick

Highland Jewel 
(Royal Highlander #2)
 May McGoldrick

3 Stars

Maisie Murray is a woman of two faces—one she shows to her family playing the meek and obedient sister, and the other is that of a fierce activist and co-founder of the Edinburgh Female Reform Society.  Maisie is determined to bring a change to the way the government treats the women regardless of the threats of violence and risks of imprisonment.  But lack of fear of the consequences costs her greatly…the arrest of her dear friend as well as the loss of her fiancĂ©.

Niall Campbell, decorated war hero and officer of the Royal Highland Regiment, continues to warn his sister the dangers of being involved in the activist community.  When she begs him to assist her dearest friend, Niall is taken by Maisie’s beauty and spirit.  As he grows to know her more, Niall is certain he has found the woman he wishes to take as a wife and start a family away from the continuous fighting and drama within Parliament.  But when his sister is arrested, Niall is faced with making a deadly choice to regain her freedom.
Maisie and Niall are each set upon a path of their own convictions that could either lead to their own version of happily ever after or destroy all they hold dear.
Highland Jewel is the second installment to May McGoldrick’s Royal Highlander series.  Having read Highland Crown (book 1) and thoroughly enjoying Isabella and Cinaed’s story, I did a bad, bad thing in assuming this one would pick up where the other ended.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Highland Jewel takes place prior to Highland Crown telling the story from Maisie’s point of view, then begins to overlap.  So the beginning left me a wee bit confused, but once I finally figured out what was going on, I began to enjoy the story. 

Personally, I would not consider this series a romance.  The chemistry between Maisie and Niall was ok, but I found myself skipping around to get back to Cinaed and Isabella.  The real passion in this story lies in how fiercely Maisie and Niall fight for what they feel is right and just.
Highland Jewel is well written, and readers that appreciate the history of these times will enjoy.  However, if you are picking up this book thinking it’s going to be a smexxy kilt-wearing highlander romance, you may be disappointed.  Overall, I would recommend to fans of historical reads.

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