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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell

What do you do when you find someone assaulted in the streets, and the assailants are present?
It might be different today, but in 1826 London, England, a woman certainly wouldn't stop to help.
Clara Winters wasn't just any woman, though.  She's beautiful, street smart, and happens to have medical experience.
A former Madam, Clara is working so hard to right her life and be treated like a human.  She's opening the Muses, a music hall.The Spitfire Paperback Author - Christi Caldwell
When she sees a noble lying in a seedy part of London with two mean accosting him, she takes her pistol and scares of the bad guys.  Going against her better judgment, she hauls Henry March to her home and dresses his wounds.
He won't admit to himself that he's infatuated with the thirty-three year old.  He's forty and needs a family.  Clara finds him to be the most fair noble man she's dealt with.
Henry works for the Parliament and owes Clara his life.  Yet, months after she puts herself at risk to help him, he sends notice that her business will be shut down.
A confrontation by Clara starts sparks of all kinds.  Not to mention the intense kiss she leaves him with to think about.
History doesn't typically favor the nobility mixing with lower level people in family matters.  As we've learned through the ages, love can beat out so many norms and allow happiness to flourish, but it's a road chosen with many potholes to plow through.
Great story with a colorful path to happily ever after!  I really enjoyed Clara's character, and Henry better straighten up or I'll give him a shove for her!

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