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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith

Witches may bring to mind tangled and creepy things.  In this story, the tangled are a bit creepy as in the vineyards run by witches.
Jean-Paul does not believe in witches, but rather the science of growing succulent grapes to make top-notch wine.  When he bought Chateau Renard, he had studied how to grow fine grapes but his first three seasons resulted in low quality crops.
A curse on a witch may happen, but good luck making it last when given to a powerful mind.  Elena spent seven years under a brutal curse and through persistence, gained her rightful "skin" back.  She was meant to be the owner of Chateau Renard and she found her way back to it.
Brought in as a stray, Jean-Paul assumed she was simply and new employee, yet he didn't appreciate her strange handling of his orchard.  The Vine Witch By Luanne G. Smith Arc Advance Proof
Matter of fact, if she was one of those witches that he thought a preposterous idea to even exist, she had no place at his vineyard.
Elena had a vengeance on a man, former fiancĂ© and love of her life, Bastien, and wanted him dead. He had killed off seven years of her life, and it's only right.  Unless he didn't do it.  She had a slight doubt.
The rivalry between Jean-Paul's orchard and Bastien's, led to a realization by Jean-Paul.  Maybe witches were real, and maybe they could help his vines grow wonderful grapes.
Jean-Paul apologized to Elena and strolled, hand-in-hand, with her through the vineyard and made plans.  the plans turned out not to be only about wine.
Granted, Elena has other enemies that she doesn't know about.
One problem after another.  Can the new love between Jean-Paul and Elena carry on and save them from other curses?
I have so much to tell about this grand story, but don't worry, I didn't tell you too much.  It's a delightful romance to devour, and October is a fantastic month to read it!

Happy reading,

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