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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

*Mild Rant* What Ever Happened to Privacy?

Hello, gentle readers!
I have a question that I think is valid (WARNING: This may turn into a rant). I'm usually an easy going person: Live and let live, but I must ask...what ever happened to privacy? Or keeping things to yourself instead broadcasting everything to the public?
The reason I ask this question is because of what happened this morning while I was doing my grocery shopping at my local Fry’s. There was a woman who was right behind me throughout my shopping trip and she was on her cell phone, arguing with either her husband or baby daddy, I’m not sure which. She was pretty loud, at one point screaming at this person (and saying the most atrocious things. Now, I can cuss like a sailor, but I try to be considerate of those around me. This woman did not). I was not eavesdropping. Seriously. But one couldn’t help overhearing her. Apparently, he was cheating on her, which is sad on so many levels and I don't blame her for being angry.
My thoughts as this woman followed me from aisle to aisle? The grocery store was not the proper place for this argument. I didn’t need to know any of this and neither did anyone else going about their business. An argument such as this should have been held at home, face to face.
Don’t get me wrong. Cell phones are great! Seems everyone has one. They’re a wonderful way to keep in touch with someone at a moment’s notice (so much different than when I was young…if someone called you and you weren’t home, they left a message, usually with someone in your family or on your answering machine if you were lucky enough to have one. Or they called back, which is usually what happened).
Now? You can reach anyone instantly. No waiting. No fuss. No muss.
This isn’t the first time something like has happened. I’ve been privy to conversations and arguments in restaurants, waiting in line at the DMV or the bank, in elevators where there is no escape…everywhere something like this shouldn’t happen. So I ask again, what ever happened to keeping things private? If you can’t (or won’t) keep it private, lower your voice. Better yet, wait until you get home. End of rant.
Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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