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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Veronica Reviews: HARD RIDE by Jayne Rylon

Hard Ride 
(Powertools:  Hot Rides #3)
Jayne Rylon

3.5 Stars

“The first taste was interesting, the second intoxicating, and after that, he couldn’t seem to get enough.”

Kyra Kado, drummer for Kason Cox, has been crushing hard for head of the band’s security Van Hernandez.  Not one to take rejection well, Kyra devotes all her energy into her love of music…until she meets Ollie Dawes.  Ollie has a way of calming her and making her feel loved in a way Van never even tried.  But when Van starts realizing that he is losing Kyra, he opens his heart to new ideas of what really matters in life…and awakens a piece of his heart he never thought existed…

This story REALLY got my blood pressure up!  You see, I’m 100% Team Ollie!  Been a fan since the first page he was introduced in the Hot Rides series, and there were sections in this book that made me want to reach in and strangle Kyra and Van…Ollie didn’t deserve them!  But I guess that’s a sign of a good story; it makes you FEEL for the characters, even when they don’t always get the HEA the reader hopes for them.  I’ve been reading Jayne Rylon’s stories for years, and highly recommend!  I’ve already pre-ordered the next in this series!

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