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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Betrayed By You by Marilyn Williams

Ava Sinclair never mixes business with boyfriends.  As a loan officer at large Atlanta bank, that shouldn't be hard.  Working up the ladder is her main goal until Justin walks through her office door.
Justin plans for a few weeks to oversee his new hotel and take care of financing while he stays in Atlanta.  He's had many girlfriends, although the relationships end fast when it's all about looks and money.  That's his money I'm talking about.betrayed, marilyn williams
Ava could've sworn her heart held still upon meeting Justin.  Nothing could look better escorting her...well, anywhere.  He's all business and that's how she used to prefer a business relationship.
The problem is, how can she get out of being his bank contact?
Justin finds his thoughts absorbed fully by Ava, yet he's never been good expressing feelings.
There's a few other problems coming their way and it could be the death of a romance or just the death of a deserving person investigated by Ava's former boyfriend.
Do Ava and Justin know too much or too little?  Never trust a smooth ride because there will always be potholes along the way.
 The storyline kept me reading and I certainly enjoyed the surprise potholes in Ava and Justin's romance.  I do wish Marilyn Williams better luck in her next editing endeavor.  A few too many simple errors that an editor has no business missing.  Other than that, the story was delightful.

Happy reading,