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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sunday Afternoon...and it's hot!

Hello, gentle readers!
It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon in Phoenix…and I am hibernating in my house because it’s just too darn hot outside! I have the air conditioner on (couldn’t live without that), the ceiling fans, and several floor fans, one of which is blowing directly on me.
The dogs are hibernating with me (one is sprawled on the futon behind me, where the cool air from the ceiling fan hits. The other is asleep on the love seat, again where the air conditioning and the floor fan blow cooler air…no dummies, either one of them). Lacey, my big girl, will poke her nose out the doggie door…if it’s too hot, she doesn’t go out. Pepper will venture out, but not for very long.
Actually, hibernating is normal for me. For them, too. I am not a fan of the heat so, why, you’re probably asking yourself right now, do you live in Hell’s Furnace?
Several reasons, actually.
Despite the heat and the fact that I’m a water person (oceans, lakes, rivers…yeah, I miss that living in the desert), I love it here. There is a beauty to this landscape that defies imagination unless you’ve seen it. The skies are a brilliant blue for as far as the eye can see, and the sunsets are simply gorgeous! It’s the perfect place to get inspiration for my western romances.
You can’t beat the winters here, either. I look forward to that time of year.
Lastly, my DH likes the heat and hates the cold so here I am, sweating despite the air conditioner, ceiling fans, and floor fans (could be a hot flash, too…I still get those).
Why else, besides the heat, am I hibernating? I’m practicing “butt-in-chair”, which means I’m writing, working on my latest project, a western historical romance with a very humorous twist (which I’m hoping I can do well).
And that being said, I should get back to it…

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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