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Monday, July 27, 2020

Outlasting After & tons of great books

I stumbled upon Outlasting After, a post apocalyptic reverse harem novel. This is not normally a story I tend to read. But from the first page, it hooked me. By the end I was wondering what was going to happen. It is a cliffhanger, but the next book is already published. 

There were no women left.
 He was sure of it. After the war, Cole Tanner was pretty damn certain they were all dead.

Hell, he and his strike team hadn't seen one in years.

But then there she was. A woman. All alone, standing in the middle of the road. His road.

She looked so haunting. So hungry and dirty, and well... vulnerable. He was going to help her, really he was. And for a split second, he wondered just how she'd survived.

Then she leveled the gun at him... and he had his answer. Damsel in distress? Apparently not.

But that didn't change things, not how Cole saw it. No, she still needed him, and his team. Same as they needed her. And Cole was nothing if not good at convincing people to follow him. Or at least, he used to be.

So he'd try his hand one more time, and hope like hell she didn't pull that trigger.

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