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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Winter of Solace, A Medieval Romance by Kathryn Le Veque (The Executioner Knights Series)

Winter of Solace takes the reader into the Medieval Ages, the thirteenth century in and around London.  
After a drinking game amongst knights at The Pox, Sir Caius d'Avignon finds himself drunk and in front of the Earl of Pembroke.  The Earl requests Caius to lead the Earl's army to settle a dispute between two castle Lords.
Sounds simple enough, but intricate issues feed off each other and create a quagmire. Caius would defend the de Wrenvilles, and that's where the problems start.   De Wrenville married the Earl's niece ("Ugly Alice") for one reason only.  De Wrenville is loyal only to himself and uses anyone to get what he wants. He's imprisoned the Lady of the opposing castle, Emelisse.  
She is beautiful and kind and unknown to her, promised to De Wrenville's son.
Caius sees the wrong in De Wrenville. He must stop the warlord from wrecking a lot of lives, especially the lovable Emelisse.  And Alice and Hallum- De Wrenville's knight who adores Alice- need a chance to express their hidden feelings.
The bad people put down with swords and the multiple love matches bound are exhilarating and bring the reader into the story.
Enjoying this novel will lead you to download or flip many pages of Le Veque's storylines, which contain casts of characters followed through the lands of Great Britain and showing up repeatedly in multiple titles. I highly recommend getting into this era of historical romance!

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