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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Duke of Diamonds by Emily Windsor

Truly a fabulous eighteenth century romance.  The script brings us right to the time and location with old world English and dirty, stinking streets and sewers.
Let me not forget, and a handsome Duke.  Casper Brooke is entitled the Duke of Diamonds.  He keeps to himself, not allowing time for frivolous activities.  He has one weakness.  There is a woman, always still, beautiful, and unknown in the painting on his wall.  If only he knew who she was.Image result for The Duke of Diamonds by Emily Windsor
Little money, a sick sister, and a lot of hard work and toil brings Evelyn to sell her painting.  She's gifted in a time that a woman artist is never appreciated.  Her sale to a certain man could make all the difference if she is successful.  
Evelyn's feisty nature, need to make a meek living, and her possession of the twin painting of Casper's gives her an edge in her negotiations.  Casper is astounded at her independence and marvels at her robust beauty.  She's not going to convince him of the painting's authenticity so quickly.
He has her watched.  She's nearly as interesting as the possibility of the twin painting, but when he discovers her living style and her problems, he becomes protective and knows he can easily help her.  For a price.
This endearing novel brings the heart to a boil in the evolution of kindness and the strength of romance, whether searched for or stumbled on.

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