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Friday, August 14, 2020

Veronica Reviews ~ RILEY'S RESCUE by Lexi Post

Riley’s Rescue 

(Last Chance #6)


Lexi Post

Under your scars I pray
You're like a shooting star in the rain
You're everything that feels like home to me
Under your scars, I could live inside you time after time
If you'd only let me live inside of mine
-Under Your Scars, Godsmack

★ 5 Stars

Army vet Riley O’Hare has made a pact with herself to not make any long-lasting connections…if you don’t stay any place too long, people can’t hurt you and you can’t hurt them.  This has worked well for her up until her stint at Last Chance Ranch.  Riley has stayed way beyond usual and has concluded that this ranch is not only a haven for rescue animals, but perhaps for broken humans too…

Garrett Walker, former wildfire fighting Hot Shot, is working towards beginning a new life, and when his fellow firefighting friend offers him employment at Last Chance Ranch, he decides to give it a go.  But he never planned on running into a beautiful feisty redhead nor dream of bearing his heart to another…

Riley and Garrett find themselves in a situation most would never overcome…but together, they make each other stronger…now if only Riley can look beyond what broke her and see that “she’d been so caught up in trying to keep her inner scars from showing, she hadn’t recognized he might have his own…”

Dear Reader, I am 100% in love with this story!  Not going to spoil the adventure that brings Riley and Garrett together, so you will just have to snag your own copy!  But let me say that these two broken souls discover so much about each other in a short time, and even when we are blinded by what is in front of us, our soul can still feel it’s mate.  Loved and highly recommend!

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

Sharing what I love, Veronica  

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