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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tidelands by Philippa Gergory

 Hard to find someone to love?  Try being Alinor in the fifteenth century during the civil war of England.  So many restrictions.  So little independence.

Alinor's husband leaves on a work mission and hasn't returned, leaving her wondering if she's a widow or deserted.  The treacherous tideland homes a select group of typically poor farmers.  Alinor's neighbors always whisper about her and her magical herbs. 

Herbs aren't magical. She just knows how to use them.Tidelands By Philippa Gregory - Used (Good, Ex-library, Large Print) - 1432868748 By Cengage Gale |

James gets lost in the marshy lands where Alinor finds him and leads him to his destination.  Little does she know that he's her enemy and has come to help King James escape.

Whenever there's a mutual attraction, their opposition isn't enough to keep them apart.  Distance, rumors, and civil wars can't compete with love.  

I always get anxious when I read romances from eras before cars and planes because when the couple has to separate, it takes months for them to reunite.  I can only imagine the angst they feel waiting for the reunion, wondering if the other hasn't changed their mind, or one of them gets killed.  

And that makes for good reading.  Not to mention that Philippa Gregory writes the most fantastic historicals.  

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