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Friday, August 21, 2020

Veronica Reviews ~ THE WIDOW OF ROSE HOUSE by Diana Biller

The Widow of Rose House


Diana Biller

★3 Stars
Historical Fiction/Romance

“They were two sides of the same story.  That’s what he’d been waiting for…the other side of his story.  And now he very much thought he might have found her.”

Fleeing her abusive husband, Alva Webster believes she has finally found safety by returning to New York.  Once word of her husband’s death and the scandal attached to their marriage reaches the newspapers and gossip columns, Alva perceivers to hold her head high, and make a life for herself.  Purchasing a mansion in the Hyde Park area, Alva pitches to a publisher on how she could restore and write a book on architecture and design that everyone would benefit from reading.  What she didn’t count on was the house being tainted of tales of ghostly hauntings…and one very handsome and persistent Professor Samuel Moore.

Absent minded Professor Samuel Moore is widely known for his engineering brilliance.  When he hears that the Liefdehuis mansion has been purchased, he makes it his mission to get the owner to grant him permission to attempt to contact the spirits housed within.  But when he discovers that the owner is non-other than the infamous Mrs. Webster, Sam becomes fascinated with her strength and will to rise above scandal to make her own way in the world…and Sam is determined she won’t do it alone. 

While their romance may have started in an unconventional manner, Alva and Sam work together to unlock the ghostly secrets bound to the house.  And little by little, Sam works towards getting Alva to share not only her own secrets, but her heart as well.

Now, rating/reviewing this story is a wee bit difficult for this reader.  While I found the beginning and end quite enjoyable, the middle dragged on too much for me.  Professor Moore’s character was my favorite, and I enjoyed how the author weaved his absent-mindedness into a delightfully charming quirk.  

Diana Biller’s debut novel The Widow of Rose House is perfect for fans of Victorian/Gothic Romance.  Overall, the story was good and well written, and I’d recommend to fans of this genre!

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

Sharing what I love, Veronica

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