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Friday, October 25, 2013

Lexi Post at Romanticon 2013

I recently returned from my first Ellora’s Cave’s Romanticon Convention. Wow, that was quite an experience. Preparing for the more than three day event was the first challenge. What to wear? What to wear? 

When we arrived, my husband and I, it was nighttime. We checked in and I got my first surprise. The room keys themselves were Romanticon room keys! In fact, they looked a lot like the Ellora’s Cave bus which was parked outside the McKinley Grand Hotel as I discovered the next day. So I just had to have a photo taken next to it :-)

The set-up of the convention was amazing! There was the Presidential Hall, which looked very sharp, but it was New Bollywood night that blew me away. 

First, the room was decorated to perfection. 
Second, all the cavemen entertained us with a great routine. 


And third, authors and readers alike got into the spirit of the night with beautiful costumes. I’m so glad I’d been lifting weights, or I would have never fit in mine.


On Old Hollywood night, my wonderful husband bought corsages for myself, my editor, and five of my friends. Plus, he put on his tux and added a fedora to make the look complete. My night was made when I received my second surprise and was given a Rising Star award. It’s hard to get a photo of because it lights up and the colors change. I love it!
On the final day was the book signing. This was so exciting. The room was once again decorated and the Cavemen did a number of routines along with belly dancers and pole dancers. But the thrill for me was seeing my first book in the print for the very first time. Both PASSION’S POISON and MASQUE were available as eBooks, but to see MASQUE in print and actually sign it for those who purchased it was the icing on the cake :-)
This was such a unique experience. I had the chance to chat with my publisher, hang out with my editor, dance with my husband, and make a bunch of new friends that I hope to see in person again very soon. I am so thankful I was able to experience my first Romanticon :-)

Always, Lexi


  1. Looks like a fabulous party! Does a person (clear throat*) have to write for Ellora's Cave to watch the Cavemen, I mean go to the conference??

    1. No. It's a readers and writers conference so you can go as a reader. That's why the Cavemen are there, for readers and they are really nice guys :-) You have read my books so you qualify!

  2. Thanks! I'm sure they're nice in many ways!! Dan (my husband), I love you! Hee hee