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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Best Man by Kristan Higgins

This is a great story to read when you just need total happiness.  Higgins crafted a masterpiece of drama, tension, and overwhelming love.

The vineyards of New York supply a beautiful and dreamy setting, although Faith Holland and Levi Cooper have to resolve inner issues in order to truly appreciate the colors and scents of the valley. 

Faith’s biggest upset is she was left at the altar by a perfect man-he would prefer another perfect man.  Better to find out before the rings are exchanged. 

Levi never liked Faith, or so he says, until he’s a lonely Chief of Police with a bitter memory of a three month marriage.

Many small family issues pull Faith and Levi together and apart repeatedly.  And they aren’t the usual problems.  

It would be so much easier if everyone just said what was on their minds, but that only happens in the movies-definitely not in a romance novel.

This is a novel I wish hadn’t ended as Faith and Levi were so richly characterized that I didn’t want to say goodbye.  Faith had a sweet innocence that Levi’s alpha character wasn’t sure how to handle, so they learned about each other at a turtle’s pace along with the help of Faith’s leg-humping helper dog (that’s a hint about another of her things to deal with), a nosey yet caring family, and lessons on communication.

I’m already checking out what other books by Kristan Higgins I can get ahold of-fast.

Enjoy, Dawn

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