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Friday, October 4, 2013

MIDNIGHT ON THE DOUBLE-B by Kayce Lassiter on Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop

Welcome to the fourth week of Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop! This will be the last week. Each stop on the blog hop will have an author posting a "fragment" of his or her paranormal work on Fridays, and Happily Ever After Thoughts is featuring its paranormal authors.

Today, I am happy to post a fragment of a scene in my romantic short story, Midnight on the Double-B. Here the fairy godmother, Delta Jane, tells Kylah McCombs who she is and what she is about to do for Kylah. Hope you like it :-)

That’s my story, smart-alec and sassy, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya, Kayce.


Fragment from Midnight on the Double-B: 

“How’d you get here anyway?  I didn’t hear your motorcycle pull in.”
“Ah, I didn’t feel like eating dust today, so I just popped in.”
Kylah smiled to herself.  “On your broom?”
After a moment of silence, she turned to find the strange woman looking at her with a self-satisfied grin.
“Honey, it don’t make no sense for you to go pissin’ off your fairy godmother at a time like this.  You’re gonna need me to get out of this jam and catch that handsome young beast you’re working for.”
Oh my God, she’s freaking crazy.
“Nope,” the woman replied, “not crazy.”
Kylah stared at her.  “Did I say that out loud?”
“You psychic?”
“You might say that, but your thoughts are the only ones I can hear.”
Oh, my freaking luck.  If she really were my fairy godmother, I’d have to shoot myself.  Now how do I get this crazy bitch out of my kitchen?
“Oh, now that’s just downright rude.”
“What?  What’s rude?”
Kylah’s heart pounded in her chest.  This was getting creepy.
“Calling me a crazy bitch just isn’t right.  I’m standing right here.  I’m a terrific fairy godmother.  You’re just lucky it’s me and not that hair-brained Gretta, always parading around in a thong bikini she shouldn’t be caught dead in.  Tough to find a place to look when you’re talking to that one.”
Kylah stared.
What the hell?
“Now, let’s talk about that handsome Michael Beasty.”
“Let’s not.”
The woman pointed a sharp, green nail at Kylah.  “You’re as rude as your young man.  Keep it up and I’ll file to get you another FGM.  I don’t have to do this, you know.”
“Do what exactly?”
“Get you married off to that handsome man you’re working for.”
“What?”  Kylah’s voice jumped about three octaves.  “Married?  To the devil?”
Delta Jane’s eyebrows rose sharply.  “To the devil?  Nooooo.  That would be a special assignment, requiring an FGM from the Special Forces Unit.  I’m only regional.”

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