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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Contracts!!!!!

     Whoooo-hoooo! I have recently signed contracts for two new historical romances and I’m so excited. As most of you know, I have a special fondness for westerns and cowboys and good guys in white hats, but these two novels are completely different.

     The first one, which I am now in the process of editing, is A Treasure Worth Keeping. I’m expecting its release late December 2013. Set in 1850 in the Caribbean and England, my heroine, Caralyn, has always been promised she would never be forced into marriage, that she could marry for love as her parents did, so it is a complete betrayal when her beloved father announces a marriage has been arranged to a man she doesn’t know…..but she’s led to believe she can buy herself out of this marriage…if she can find Izzy’s Fortune. Toward that end, she hires Captain Trey, the legendary treasure hunter to help her find the treasure. Captain Trey, AKA Tristan Youngblood, agrees as he realizes this may be his last adventure before he must return home to an arranged marriage. What neither one of them knows is that an enemy of Tristan’s past is determined to have Izzy’s Fortune for himself and will do anything to make that happen, even thwart the plans of Caralyn’s and Tristan’s meddling fathers who want their children to find true happiness.

I don’t have a cover yet. That’s in the works so stay tuned.

The second is Mischief and Magnolias. In this novel, the year is 1863 and Natchez, Mississippi, has peacefully surrendered to the Union Army—not everyone surrenders peacefully, especially not my heroine, Shaelyn. With both her brother and her intended off to war, her home Magnolia House, and her beloved steamboats are taken over by Major Harte and his small contingent of men. Shae will use every mischievous weapon at her disposal to show Major Harte he has chosen unwisely. She begins by putting vinegar in his coffee…instead of being upset at finding vinegar in his coffee and later, molasses in his boots, Major Harte is intrigued. Actually, he finds Shae’s attempts to make him leave her home amusing, to her disappointment and frustration.  
            The Major also feels a growing attraction, one that Shae shares as well, despite the fact she is a spoken for southern woman and he is most definitely an available northern man. Making circumstances worse are accusations of espionage toward Shae and a traitor in their midst.

I have not begun editing on this novel yet, nor do I have a cover. It isn’t expected to be released until March of next year.

And there they are…..two new romances coming soon….and I am so excited!

As always, happy reading!



  1. So happy for you!!! You are living your dream!!!! I remember when you had spoke of these days. One of your biggest fans!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Janet! So glad you're in my corner!

  3. Congratulations, Marie!!! Your books sound fantastic and incredibly unique.
    I've always said "13" is my lucky number and 2013 is turning out a lot of contracts for all the authors of HEAT!

    1. Thank you, Dawn! 13 has always been my lucky number too! Let's hope 2014 is just as fantastic!

  4. I'm so thrilled for you, Marie! Can't wait for these to come out!

    1. Thank you, Alexis! I'm so excited about these stories!