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Friday, October 11, 2013

Sneak Peek at PASSION OF SLEEPY HOLLOW by Lexi Post on Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop

Welcome to the another week of Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop! Each stop on the blog hop will have an author posting a "fragment" of his or her paranormal work on Fridays and Happily Ever After Thoughts is featuring its paranormal authors.

Today I am giving a sneak peek into PASSION OF SLEEPY HOLLOW which won’t be out until 2014. When this scene opens, Braeden is asleep. The rest is obvious ;-)

Always, Lexi

Cold. Braeden rolled onto his back. Something itched his ass. He scratched at it, but the dominant feeling was cold. Blindly, he reached for the quilt he had crawled under when Kat left him and grasped nothing.

It must have fallen off the bed. Damn.  Opening his eyes reluctantly, he stared up at the night sky, the stars twinkling in the crisp autumn air. “What the fuck?”

He sat up and stared. His ass itched because he was lying on grass. Where the hell was he? Had he been kidnapped while he slept? Slowly, he stood, surveying the area for any threat, but all he could make out in the darkness were trees and grass, the crickets loud enough to give a person a headache.
“Shit.” No wonder he was cold. There was frost on the ground and he’d been lying on it naked as the day he was born. Seeing his pants nearby, he quickly put them on along with damp socks and his boots. Where the hell was his shirt?

Since it was black, he might never find it, but his bag stood out like a lone rock in a flat meadow. Burrowing into it, he pulled out another t-shirt and his suede jacket. Once clothed, he grabbed his car keys and pushed the small flashlight on the ring. Sweeping it around, he found his cell phone and Rolex. It was only half past midnight. He hadn’t even been asleep two hours.

“What the hell is going on?”

No one answered him, but the crickets kept chirping. The sound of an owl in the distance added to the night, but other than that, he didn’t sense a single human in the area. 

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