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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Trip to Paradise

     As you are reading this, I am arriving in the US Virgin Islands! Can you feel my anticipation? My excitement? Can you see my face pressed against the plane’s window?             
     I’m so looking forward to this trip. Of course, I have the most incredible hosts for my week in paradise—the mistress of this blog and her wonderful husband (who also happens to be an incredible cook). And the venue for this vacation? A house on the beach with ocean views! What could be more perfect?
     My husband and I have made this trip before and we both fell in love with this island Eden. There’s plenty to do (a little bit of something for everyone) and the people here are fantastic – warm and welcoming! On our last trip, my husband discovered he loved snorkeling (me? Not so much…the panic attack was not pleasant, however, I am more than willing to try again).
     I’m also looking forward to the sunset cruise on a tall ship (yes, for research purposes because there's another sea-faring adventure waiting to be written), but what I’m really looking forward to (aside from quality time spent with my DH) is spending time with my friends. Phone calls and emails are good, but seeing someone, face to face, over a cup of coffee or a meal is so much better! I love being able to see the animation on someone’s face while they’re talking…and you know what we’ll be talking about….books, of course! What we’ve read, what we’re working on….maybe we’ll get to do a little brain storming! Whoooo-hoooo!
   Until next time, happy reading!

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