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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


     2014 has started with a bang! And I am loving it. Not only have I taken down my Christmas tree, put all the decorations away, but I finally got rid of the last pie that was in the freezer (yeah, I have a tendency to make—and eat—too much during the holidays which prompted me to go shopping for my trip to the beautiful Virgin Islands, figured out what I want to work on now (I have thirteen projects in various stages of progress so I can pick and choose), AND I got my edits for Mischief and Magnolias, my civil war romance that’s expected to be released in March (yes, MARCH!!!)
     Now here’s what amazes me….I wrote this story (and finished it less than six months ago) and yes, I remember most of it, but every now and then, in reading over what I wrote, I’ll come to a passage….and actually be surprised that I wrote it (and how’s this for sappy? The ending? Yeah, still made me cry!)
     The other thing that amazes me? What makes perfect sense to me does not always make perfect sense to someone else. *sigh* But that’s okay. Fortunately for me, my editor is wonderful. She’s fantastic at finding those places within my manuscript and asking me those all important questions so that you, dear reader, don’t ask yourself “Huh?” while reading.
    Okay, that’s enough for me…..back to editing! And I will try not to pull any more hair out of my head…not sure what I can do about the permanent wrinkle between my eyebrows though. There’s not enough Oil of Olay in the world to smooth out that baby!
     As always, happy reading!

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