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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

That Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo


To make a marriage last, L.A., his current location, or the Cape?  Jack Griffin wondered if his marriage depended on where they lived and whether he should drop his screenwriting career, which they scraped by on, and turn to teaching.

Joy loves her family, and believes her parent’s marriage is perfection.  It influences many of her moods and decisions.  Why can’t Jack enjoy them as much as she does?

Jack detests the marriage example portrayed by his parents, yet for the past year he’s traveled with his dad’s urn of ashes in his truck waiting to be tossed into the ocean cape bound.  Jack can’t let go of his parent’s interference, dead or alive.

When Jack and Joy’s daughter gets married, they bring dates-how did it come to this? 

Jack only wants to please Joy and searches his mind, soul, and the opposing coasts to figure out whether she will ever accept him back.

A poignant story revealing the landscape of a confused marriage and the simple, yet hard to discover solution will bring you deep into the truth of a happy marriage.  You will always be a part of your parents.  Make it a useful positive, whether you agree with your parent’s way or want to improve on their mistakes.

Fiction can be a lesson in the what if’s…


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