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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year from the HEAT Bloggers!

Hello! And happy new year! It’s 2014. So much to look forward to. On my agenda for this year? Well, I have the release of Mischief and Magnolias coming out in March, but before that, a trip to visit the mistress of Happily Ever After Thoughts on her island paradise. Already bought the tickets and can’t wait! What else? Only about twenty some-odd ideas in my head for new stories, new adventures. Better get busy writing. The best to all of you in 2014.  
Happy reading! Marie

Plans for 2014? Amongst wanting to write every day, write constantly, and write exceptional stories (!), I am keeping a list of unusual sayings, information, descriptions, and anything else interesting that I hear or see by accident, coincident, or luck.   This is a plan to keep my stories interesting and unique.  One more important thing…I will donate a portion of my first quarter royalties from Inked (From the CIA 1), a January release, to the American Cancer Society. Good health and happy new year to everyone :-)

Okay, I’m looking at Marie and Dawn’s goals here and I’m feeling like a slug because I haven’t given any real thought to goals for 2014…hell, it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m still worried about how to survive 2013!  I know…shocker.  (Sigh)  Anyway, right now I am shooting to have Loons of a Feather released sometime in the next month or so (got about 3 days to come up with a release date…LOL).  Beyond that, I’d like to survive the shutdown of the mainframe computer at my day job, take a few trips, release another book later in 2014, and win big in Laughlin this weekend.  Of course, the last one is a pipedream, but a girl can always hope.  You have a wonderful, successful, safe, and HAPPY…HAPPY… HAPPY…2014!!!!!   
Woo Hoo!  Let’s go real, real fast! Kayce

What’s on deck for 2014? Let’s see, I have the release of Passion of Sleepy Hollow coming out in early spring from Ellora’s Cave. Then I plan to write three erotic romances, each one will be the first book in a different series, so my fingers will be busy :-) I also will be at the Desert Dreams Conference again. I never miss it. I’m very excited about the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. This will be my first RT and I hear it has lots of readers. I know it will be a blast! Sounds like all of us here on Happily Ever After Thoughts will be bringing you more books to read and enjoy in 2014.  I wish everyone a simply amazing year ahead!
Always, Lexi

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