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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Old friends....

     I recently re-read (for maybe the 20th time) The Kadin. This is one of my favorite stories from Bertrice Small. The book is tattered and dog-eared and held together with tape and rubber bands and yet, it remains one of my favorites, despite its well-loved appearance. I fell in love with it the very first time I read it soooo many years ago (curled up on the corner of my couch, wearing my favorite bathrobe—I had that robe for 35 years…it was pink and fuzzy and oh so warm…..what can I say? I hang on to things—I brought that book with me from New Jersey when I moved to Arizona). Every time I read that story again, it feels like getting together with a cherished friend….and I adore my friends.
     I’ve said before that I’ve been fortunate and blessed and I truly believe that. A lot of those feelings stem from having such wonderful friends in my life (people as well as books). There are a couple girls from High School I’m still in touch with….we haven’t seen each other for years, but I know if I pick up the phone (or message on Facebook), it’s like we just saw each other yesterday—we seem to pick up right where we left off. There is my Friday night group (although we’re much more than a Friday night group—we are family, there for each other through good times and bad). I’ve known some of them for almost thirty years, some not as long, but time doesn’t matter….I love them all.
     There are friends from the neighborhood and from where I used to work and ones from where I work now. Friends I met through my writing (I now consider these ladies my sisters). And there is my DH—we were friends before we married and he’s still my best friend thirty-six years later.
     So next time you’re perusing your bookshelf, looking for something new to read, don’t pass by that beaten and battered old book. Take if off the shelf. Sit down, get comfortable and reacquaint yourself with a long-lost, treasured friend.

As always, happy reading!

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