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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd

Virtue Falls, Washington sounds like such an innocent and charming place.   For twenty-three years it’s been quite the opposite.
A heinous murder is reported as “husband kills wife while four-year-old daughter watches.” Elizabeth Banner, the former four-year-old, returns to Virtue Falls over two decades later as a renowned geologist with a closed personality.
An earthquake at Virtue Falls is Elizabeth’s first dream-come-true.  Studying such a phenomenon is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Her second dream-come-true is to visit her committed father, committed for Alzheimer’s and committed for a murder he might not have performed.
Garik Jacobsen, an ex-FBI agent and ex-husband to Elizabeth finds out trouble is brewing in more than the collateral of an earthquake in Virtue Falls and comes running to save the ex-wife he still loves.
That would be Elizabeth’s third dream-come-true even though she’s not aware of it early on.
What I like about this story is the amount of suspects Dodd places in strategic positions throughout the search of Elizabeth’s mom’s murder.  Not even sure if her dad is innocent, a handful of culpable suspects surround the town.  Even more, the reigniting of love between two people who learn problems can be solved.
This is the second of her "Falls" series and well worth the enjoyable time.
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