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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beautiful Maids All in a Row by Jennifer Harlow

I loved the character, Iris Ballard.  She’s got spunk, strength, intelligence, tells it like it is, and has faults.  The fault part is what she’s tempted to keep until a non-resistible case confronts her.

Iris is a FBI forensic psychologist living in Georgia.  She’s given up her career for a more sedentary life without many responsibilities.  Beautiful%2BMaids%2BAll%2Bin%2Ba%2BRow%2BAn%2BIris%2BBallard%2BThriller%2Bby%2BJennifer%2BHarlow

 And then Luke Hudson, a hot FBI agent, wants her. He wants her for her mind and abilities to catch a serial killer.  He also wants her for more, but he has a tough time relaying his manly needs.

Iris attempts to keep ahold of her self-destruction, yet the lure of the case and the handsome agent peel away to her better self.

The case becomes personal.  The serial killer murders Iris’s friend.  Luke protects Iris in a warrior way, and Iris takes care of business.

Fantastic read!  The action and love building is constant and surprising throughout.  I’ll definitely keep reading Jennifer Harlow’s novels.  Released on Oct. 11J


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