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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Current Work In Progress....

       Oh, I’ve been so bad! I haven’t written a word on my current work in progress in over five days! Other commitments have prevented me from doing so (there’s only so many hours in a day, even with my rigid routine and truthfully, the day job takes a lot out of me…anything written in the evening after a day at work always needs to be re-written because…well…the brain is just drained) but still….five days! Five whole days! I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without actively working on a story in years (I try to write every day except the weekends, when other obligations prevent me from doing so).
And you know what?
         I’ve missed it...missed the whole writing process.
I miss my characters, too. Theo, which is short for Theodosia—don’t you just love that name? Found it in a census from 1860 and it just fits her but I digress— and Eamon. I miss the farm where Theo breeds horses and I miss Theo’s extended family. I miss it all, even the bad guy!
         I’m on what I call the downward slide. The stage has been set, the characters have been developed and they’ve fallen in love (whether or not they’ve admitted it to themselves or each other), the Black Moment has been crafted and partially written (I’m an emotional writer….the Black Moment devastates me, as it should, and takes a while to complete…hard to type with tears in your eyes) and the end of the story is so close, I can taste it.
         You know, I should probably quit writing about missing the story and just work on it….right now, while I still have some brain cells firing on all pistons…

As always, happy reading!

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