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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The First Sunday in October

        Good morning, gentle readers! It’s Sunday (although by the time you read this, it’ll be Wednesday…but I digress.) As I said, it’s Sunday, the first Sunday in October (I love this time of year) and it’s a beautiful day….not because the sun is shining, like it normally does in Phoenix, but because it’s raining! I love rain…oh, not the wild monsoon storms that bring high winds and flooding, thunder and lightning, but a gentle rain that patters on the roof and drenches the earth so good things can grow…it makes me want to crawl back in bed and just listen, but I won’t do that.
         What will I do? Oh, my usual Sunday chores and then…then I plan to indulge in my passion for movies (while my DH yells at the football players on the television in the other room). I know. I should be writing or doing something else productive, but I won’t. It’s a rainy Sunday and I feel like being lazy before heading to the day job tomorrow.
I love the Hallmark Mysteries and Movie channel. Today they’re playing several “Murder, She Baked” movies, which are based on the Hannah Swenson Mystery novels by Joanne Fluke. The adorable Alison Sweeney plays Hannah Swenson, the owner of The Cookie Jar bakery in Lake Eden, Minnesota, who just can’t seem to keep her nose out of police business, but you know, that’s what I love about her. She’s smart, she capable, she BAKES and she has a knack for solving all those mysteries.
I love these movies as well as the Flower Shop Mysteries with Brooke Shields, the Garage Sale Mysteries with Lori Loughlin and the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries with Candace Cameron Bure (do you sense a pattern here?). They’re great fun and keep you guessing until the end.
         Hmmm, you know what? I think I’ll head out to my local Barnes & Noble and pick up a few of these novels. I hear Ms. Fluke's come with recipes! What could be better on a rainy Sunday?

As always, happy reading!

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