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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Woo Hoo!  Today is release day for my new book, Barn Burner, which is part of the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World.  It is an Amazon exclusive, so you can only find it there, and it is Book One of the brand new Dallas Bradshaws Series...Book Two coming out in May-2017.

So be sure to get your copy today!!!

And be sure you read to the end of this post because there is a giveaway at the end.  YEAH!

Release Party:  All day today (1/19) on Faceook...JOIN US

Here's the new cover...

Story Blurb:

Fire fighter Tripp Landers has returned to Dallas, only to discover he’s still in love with Laney Bradshaw.  But Laney is buried under a mountain of life-gone-wrong.  She lost her parents in a plane crash, her feed store has gone up in smoke, and now she’s about to lose part of her ranch.

Will Laney come up for air long enough to realize she has a second chance at love with Tripp?

Will Tripp and Laney finally find their happily-ever-after?

Or are they destined to screw things up yet one more time?

Excerpt - Barn Burner:

Laney watched the firemen as they began to roll up hoses and pack up equipment.  When she spotted Tripp coming through the gate, headed in their direction, her stomach did a flip.  She was annoyed at the little shiver of excitement that speared through her, and she stiffened her back to brace herself.

As he approached Laney and Joe, Tripp removed his helmet and speared his hand through his wet hair, which she noticed was now cut much shorter than the way he wore it in high school.

She opened her mouth slightly to draw a quiet, steadying breath, annoyed at the way her body always seemed to react to her handsome childhood friend.

Tripp smiled and held out his hand toward Joe.  “Hey, how you doin’, old timer?  Good to see you again.”

Joe’s smile widened as he gripped Tripp’s hand.  “Well, I’ll be hornswoggled.  I thought you’d done planted roots in Arizona.”  He pulled the younger man close and clapped him on the back with one hand.  “It’s damn good to see you again, son.  How long you been back?”

Tripp beamed, and Laney had to will her body to be still.  This young man was a far cry from the tall, lanky boy she’d been infatuated with in high school.  He stood about six-two, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs.  With his piercing dark blue eyes and crooked grin, he put to shame the centerfold for the firefighter calendar she’d had hanging on the wall of her office.

She could almost hear the gulp as she swallowed the saliva gathering in her mouth.

Holy hell, settle down.  This is just your childhood buddy, Tripp Landers.  Not like it’s Ryan Reynolds. 

Her mind screamed, “To hell with Ryan Reynolds.  This is Tripp-freaking-Landers!”  Her heart was about to beat out of her chest, and she struggled to keep her breathing even.


For a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, be sure you leave a comment here, and the sexy Mr. Random will choose a lucky winner randomly at 5pm EST tomorrow.  So be sure to check back tomorrow night to see if you are the winner...'cuz I'll need your email address to send your prize.

This contest is strictly the shenanigans of Kayce Lassiter!

Thanks for stopping by.  That's my story, fun and fantabulous, and I'm stickin' to it.  Hang on tight now, 'cuz we're gonna go real, real fast!!!

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  1. Yeehaw! Sounds hot! ;-) Congratulations on your release! :-)

  2. Ooh sounds good! Congrats on this latest release! :)

    1. Join us at the release party at

    2. Colleen, you need to contact me at and let me know where to send your Amazon Gift Card. :)

  3. Sounds too good to pass up! Just bought it! Congrats on the new release!

    1. Join us at the release party at

  4. Congratulations, Kayce! Your excerpt has my heart speeding up too. This is a must read for sure!

  5. Woo Hoo! It's a great story and a really fun cover! Huge congrats :)

  6. nice excerpt

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  7. What great news -- another Kayce Lassiter story to enjoy. I hope it sells a gazillion copies.

  8. Sorry to be late posting my winner. I've been down sick. Colleen C. wins the $10 Amazon Gift Card! Congrats, Colleen!

    1. Oh boy! Thank you so much Kayce! Email sent! :)