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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bride of the Dragons by Selina Coffey

Coffey’s menage shifter romance hits the spot for conflict between the dragon clan, humans, and other serpentine groups that want control.  Not to mention a taste of hot sex between lovely Adelina, the human without a dowry, and the steeled bodies of the alpha dragon, Elokon, and his partner dragon, Siron.  They go together, mate and all.

The two male dragons know how to share, the leadership of their clan and their female mate.  Adelina loves it all. 

Of course, there’s the brewing war set up by leaks from…that’s the problem.  Who’s revealing their location, who’s jealous of Adelina, and who wants the power of the clan?

I thoroughly relished Coffey’s quick-moving, high intensity, and steamy account of the magical dragon clan.  If only the story were longer…well, don’t worry, the author treats her readers to an extended selection of her writing!  She gives a handful of stories along with Bride of the Dragons all in the same purchase.  Definitely an author to put on your list of favoritesJ

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